Audio equipment is just as important as the Visual equipment when it comes to your AV system. There is no point investing in great display equipment such as Plasma, LCD or projection if the sound then lets you down.

We have a great deal of experience in specifying the most suitable audio systems for a wide range of clients and applications and can supply everything you need to ensure your audio system sounds amazing.

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There are several different types of speakers available and they vary in size, application, performance and colour.

Surround Speakers:

Common surround sound systems for domestic home cinemas are either '5.1' or '7.1' systems. For a '5.1' system, this simply means that there are 5 'satellite' speakers positioned around the room as well as a single Bass speaker (the bass speaker = the '.1').

So for a 5.1 system there will be a Front Left speaker, a Front Right speaker, a Centre speaker, a Rear Left speaker, a Rear Right speaker and the Bass speaker. A '7.1' surround system just includes two extra speakers (Left middle and Right middle) as well as the bass speaker. Surround sound speaker configurations really immerse you in the action and as most movies are now shown with either 5.1 or 7.1 surround so you can really experience the sound as the director intended.

Ceiling mounted speakers:

These speakers are mounted into the actual ceiling void itself so the speaker grille then sits flush to the ceiling. These types of speakers can be very discreet and are popular in both commercial and residential AV systems. They are usually either circular or square in shape and offer great sound quality without getting in the way.

Wall mounted Speakers:

These are speakers that are attached to a bracket that allows them to be bolted to a wall. They are not as discreet as ceiling speakers but they do allow you to use larger speakers and keep them off the floor.

Floor Standing speakers:

These are simply speakers that are designed to sit on the floor. As these type of speakers can sit directly on the floor they can be very large and it is floor standing speakers that are often used to create the really powerful audio in nightclubs and music concerts.

Weatherproof Speakers:

We can supply a wide selection of weatherproof speakers that can withstand the wind, rain and sun and stay outside all year round. Perfect for any outdoor public space or even just in your back garden!


There are lots of different types of amplifiers available but generally they fall into three categories:

Mixer Amplifiers:

A mixer amplifier is generally defined as a device that can accept multiple audio input sources, such as DVD, VHS, Satellite, Microphones etc and then amplify the audio signal and output it to speakers in one or several different locations within the same building. Mixer amps are perfect for PA systems where you need to be able to take a microphone feed and output it to several speakers.

Power Amplifiers:

A power amplifier is generally only used on its own to purely boost the power of an audio signal that then goes off to your speakers. Simply put, they make music louder!

AV Receivers:

An AV receiver is a piece of equipment that usually comprises of a surround sound processor so you can select audio & video from several different sources (DVD, Satellite, CD, Radio etc.) and play the audio through your surround speaker system and channel the video to your TV screen. AV Receivers also usually have a radio tuner and an integrated amplifier to boost the signals from these audio sources out to your speakers.

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