“Create Exciting Interactive Presentations!”

...with live audience response systems

Audience voting systems allow presenters to build engaging presentations with instant feedback on multiple choice questions and topics that create memorable learning experiences.

Audience response systems are available for use with both large and small groups and can be used with existing presentation equipment or completely standalone via handheld devices both indoors and out. We are an authorised supplier of 'Turning Technologies' systems so please call us today to discuss the voting options that are available & what will best work for you.

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Voting software with PowerPoint Integration

Audience response systems are supplied with software that will allow you to build your own interactive multiple choice question slides in PowerPoint. It’s also possible to carry out remote polling sessions using a floating interactive toolbar that can sit atop websites, videos and other documents. Options are also available that allow users to complete surveys at their own pace.  

Comprehensive training is available to all users either in person or through remote online learning tools.

Audience response devices

A variety of audience keypads are available depending on budget and application. Wireless RF (radio frequency) keypads allow voting from anywhere in the room without interfering with other sessions. Various designs include hard button options with integrated LCD screens so users can quickly press a single key to answer, see their response or even type in a text answer if required.  


It’s also possible for iOS or Android based mobile phones & tablets etc. to be used as response devices. 

Instant results & reports

Questions can be put to audiences with time delays to allow for users to select their answer. The results are then instantly displayed on screen next to the question. Afterwards entire reports can be generated for future reference that shows both group & individual responses.

Audience response systems can be integrated into existing presentation equipment so results can be seen on existing large screen displays or they can be displayed directly on the presenters’ handheld device which makes them great for outdoor sessions or on the move.

We supply audience response systems to a wide range of users including Schools, Universities, training companies & event management companies so please call us today to find out more, we’ll supply everything you need!

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