"Take Control the Easy Way!"

...With an Intuitive Control System from Aprios AV

Whether it's a corporate Boardroom or a residential Multi-Room system, the more individual pieces of AV equipment that you have then the more you will have to learn how to control. Each new piece of equipment will usually come with its own remote control and before long you can have a pile of remote controls with only person who knows how to use them!

Control systems & equipment from manufacturers such as Crestron, Kramer & Extron will allow you to control all of the equipment used in your AV system from one simple to use touch screen control panel, or even an iPad or smart phone etc. No two control systems are alike and because each one is custom built around your specific equipment requirements you can be sure that when implemented correctly it will be easy for everyone to use.

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Control a variety of equipment

It's easy to control DVD & Blu-ray players, projectors & projection screens, all types of flat screen displays & video walls, video conferencing systems, security cameras, music servers, video servers, lighting, electric blinds, climate controls, room booking systems, video distribution switching and more. In fact, even after just some very basic training all of the above equipment could be easily be controlled by anyone using one simple touch screen control panel.

Various control panel options

The most common type of control panels combine touch screens with ordinary hard button technology. We then load each individual control panel with software that allows us to customise the touch screen control menu and button layouts specifically to your requirements so it’s easy to understand & intuitive to use.  

The type of control panel that you use to control the equipment in your AV system really depends on the amount of equipment you have and whether you want be able to control it from just one place in the room or from anywhere in the room, or perhaps even remotely from anywhere in the world?


Wireless Controllers will allow you to control of all your equipment from anywhere in the room or building. They use RF (Radio Frequency) technology and so are not limited by 'line of sight' problems that you get with ordinary infra-red remote controls. Nowadays it’s also possible to use iPads or tablet type devices & smart phones as another type of wireless controller but still have the control interface customised around your requirements.

Wall mounted:

Wall mounted control panels are generally fixed in one predetermined position and will allow you to not only control all your equipment but also view video footage from security cameras and use them as them as intercom systems. There are also now wireless control panels that fit into wall docks so when you enter a room you can take the control panel with you & avoid having to buy a separate wireless control panel.

We specify and supply all different types of control systems so if you want to finally take control of all your equipment without having to read through lots of instruction manuals then please contact us.

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