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...Rain or Shine, Indoors or Outdoors, ANY Size screen is Possible

For content that needs to be clearly displayed to a large audience over a long viewing distance in all weather conditions there is really only one suitable choice and that is 'LED' based display technology.

We are proud to work with the leading manufacturers of LED displays worldwide & can offer you unrivalled expertise in this area. Our service includes concept design, project planning, system installation as well as video content creation, content management systems & ongoing maintenance services. Please contact us today to discuss your needs in more detail.

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LED Technology Explained

An LED video wall consists of displaying picture or video content using 'Light Emitting Diodes', which are based on Semiconductor compounds that convert power directly into light. The advantage of this technology is that an extremely high luminosity is produced. It's bright enough to display clear video, pictures and text even on bright sunny days or in the rain.

LED Picture Quality

Typically each individual LED represents one pixel in your overall level of image resolution. The distance between each individual LED is known as the 'Pitch' level and this is measured in millimetres.

A low 'Pitch' figure means that more individual LEDs are used to create the image, which in turn results in better image quality and a lower minimum viewing distance. LED Pitch levels can vary depending on the shape, size and content that you need to work with but the typical levels of 'Pitch' are 1.6mm, 1.9mm, 2.4mm, 3.2mm, 4mm & 5mm. Lower pitch levels will offer the best image quality but also cost more. Higher Pitch levels can also be used to keep the price down in areas where the minimum viewing distance is not a concern. Overall screen size, image quality, minimum viewing distance, available content, budget & ROI are the main considerations for all LED projects. 

Custom Screen Sizes

LED screens can now be made to almost any shape & size imaginable. The most common screens are generally rectangular in shape but recent technology advances mean that screens can now be concave, convex or indeed any shape you want.

Large seamless displays can create any screen size imaginable and the latest LED technologies offer superior black levels, greatly improved contrast ratios and longer operating lives. LED panels are usually mounted to a secondary support structure, such as steel, but new lightweight & stronger structures made from carbon fibre are also available. In the past LED video wall screens where mainly developed for outdoor use but now large LED video wall screens that have been specifically designed for indoor use in areas such as airports and shopping centres where high brightness levels and low viewing distances are key considerations are more commonplace.  

Indoor use:

1.6mm LED Pitch prices from £22,400 per Metre²

1.9mm LED Pitch prices from £16,800 per Metre²

2.4mm LED Pitch prices from £9,800 per Metre²

3.2mm LED Pitch prices from £5,460 per Metre²

4mm LED Pitch prices from £4,060 per Metre²

5.1mm LED Pitch, prices from £3,080 per Metre²

LED Pricing

Please note that the prices listed above are for budgetary purposes only & do not include VAT, shipping, content creation, content management, image processors, installation or physical support structures unless otherwise stated. However, we can supply and price for all of these other elements once we understand the specifics of your project.

Volume discounts, lease financing options and equipment demonstrations are available upon request so please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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