"Look Your Colleagues in the Eye, Wherever They Are!"

...With a Professional Video Conferencing System

There is nothing like meeting people in person but with travel becoming increasingly expensive Video Conferencing systems have risen in popularity. We supply & install Video Conferencing systems of all sizes from manufacturers such as Polycom, Cisco, LifeSize, Radvision, telyHD & Skype etc.

We can help you decide which system will best suit your needs and also offer free site surveys with equipment demonstrations available upon request. See below for a brief guide to video conferencing and call or email us today to discuss your specific requirements.

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Personal Desktop use V’s Group meeting room use

Video conferencing systems are either designed for single user 'desktop' use or larger group meeting room use. The desktop systems typically involve simple software that works with your existing workstation and a web camera. Group meeting room systems work with projectors or flat screen displays alongside video cameras and microphones and are designed to allow everyone in the meeting room to be involved and communicate with colleagues and clients remotely.

Connectivity: IP or ISDN?

The amount of 'bandwidth' available in your network often dictates the quality of the both the audio and video and ultimately the success of a video conferencing experience. Almost all Video Conferencing systems have the ability to work with ISDN or IP based networks and so long as there is sufficient bandwidth available then your Video conferencing experience will be a success. Ideally, IP based systems should have 1 MB or higher and ISDN based systems should have 384kbps (3 lines) available or higher.

Content Sharing with Video Conferencing

As well as seeing your remote audience and talking to them as you would in person, it is also possible for you to share data with them at the same time. Viewed side by side on the screen, you can see the person and the data (spread sheet or presentation etc.) that you are discussing simultaneously.

How many users at once? "Multipoint Connectivity"

'Multipoint' capability means that the video conferencing system can not only communicate with one remote site (a single remote person or whole meeting room) but can also communicate with several remote locations all at the same time. This means that colleagues and clients from all over the world can all participate in the same meeting, at the same time, if they can all get up early enough!

Security and Meeting Privacy

All Video Conferencing systems supplied support the 'Advanced Encryption Standard'. This means that when a video conference is held with the AES feature active the Video, Audio, Graphics and Data shared are encrypted for the duration of the meeting. Because of this feature sensitive meetings and negotiations can take place over video conferencing with complete confidence.

Budgetary Equipment Costs

1) Medium sized meeting room with High Definition Camera, Microphone, Content Sharing, Multipoint connectivity & a wall mounted professional grade 60” HD flat screen with one year video conferencing support contract = approx. £8,000 + VAT

2) Mobile system with equipment as detailed above but mounted on a wheeled trolley = approx. £9,500 + VAT

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