"Finally, No Wires!"

...Quick & easy wireless presentation systems

Microsoft once estimated that more than 30 million Powerpoint presentations are created worldwide every day & according to IT departments it takes on average over 20 minutes to resolve issues with meeting room equipment, which equates to a lot of presentations getting off to a bad start!

Traditional meeting rooms will require a hardwired connection to your laptop, usually via a chunky VGA cable stretched across the desk or running along the floor to the nearest input plate. It works but it can be awkward to set up and usually only one person can present at a time, now there is another way…

We supply wireless presentation systems from leading manufacturers such as Barco & Crestron that have literally changed the way our clients work forever so please call us to discuss your requirements and arrange a free demonstration.

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Barco ‘Clickshare’

This simple system can be added to any existing meeting room display & audio system and allow simultaneous screen sharing for up to 8 users completely wirelessly.

Easy to set up

Laptop or mac users simply pick up & plug in a ‘clickshare’ button to the USB port on their PC, start the application running and then with one press on the button their entire screen is mirrored on the rooms main display screen along with audio. The buttons are powered from the laptop, no additional installation or software downloads are required and visitors can present without needing access to your own internal wi-fi networks.

Multiple users

Up to four users can share their laptop screens simultaneously; each user simply presses their button when they want to be able to show their screen on the main display or projection screen alongside everyone else. The system will automatically scale and resize the overall viewing area to show two users side by side or three & four users in a quad view and when someone has finished they simply press their button again to exit.

Multiple devices

As well as laptops users can connect and share using iPads, iPhones and other android based devices via a free to download app. 

Wireless Audio & Video streaming

In addition to showing static PowerPoint presentations and pdfs the ‘clickshare’ system will stream video up to 30fps (frames per second) and pass audio through to your existing in room amplifier and speakers without having to buy any additional equipment.

We can supply & install standalone Barco Clickshare systems for existing meeting rooms that already have a main display screen and audio system or we can supply everything that is required for a completely new room so please call us to discuss your requirements. 

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Crestron ‘AirMedia’

This is a different type of wireless presentation system that also allows for up to four simultaneous users to present but is network based which is more suitable to education or sites that have hundreds of potential users where it wouldn’t be practical for everyone to use the USB plug in buttons that are found on the Barco Clickshare system listed above.

Easy to connect

Users can easily connect to the main display screen using multiple devices such as laptops, macs, iPhones, iPads and android based smart phones etc. Use the special airplay app or simply navigate to a specific URL / web address listed on the display screen via a local wi-fi network and then enter a unique pin number to begin sharing your screen, simple.

Collaborative Learning

Multiple users can connect to the same screen simultaneously but it’s also possible to share this entire presentation with other users and display screens by combining the Crestron Airplay system with a typical Crestron AV distribution and control system, all of which can be controlled from a wireless touch panel anywhere in the building. We can also configure the system to record training or presentations for future viewing or streaming to websites etc.  

We can add the Crestron AirMedia into your existing Crestron based system or of course start completely from scratch and supply everything you will need for a truly wireless presentation & control experience so please call us today to find out more.

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