"Professional Boardroom Meetings"

...With Easy to Use Presentation Equipment

Selecting the right Audio Visual system for the Boardroom is critical; it needs to be practical, easy to use, reliable & also discreet. We supply and install complete Boardroom AV systems and also provide ongoing maintenance support for all our clients.

Please see below for a brief guide to the type of equipment that you will most likely need & call us to discuss your requirements in more detail and arrange a free site survey.

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Display Options

Most often the data that needs to be displayed in a Boardroom will be a combination of PC based information, such as PowerPoint Presentations, spreadsheets, word documents, pdf’s, images etc. & videos. A ceiling mounted projector and projection screen is the most popular choice for the boardroom with large flat screen displays being the next logical option. There are many different screen sizes available and the choice will depend on both the size of the room and the expected audience size.

Audio & Microphone Options

A variety of speakers can be supplied to suit your environment; most popular are flush mounting ceiling speakers or surface mounted wall speakers. Microphones can be used for voice reinforcement and there are several options available from wireless lapel or hand held ones through to permanent desk or ceiling mounted types.


'Recessed' Projectors, Projection screens and speakers can be discreetly mounted into ceiling voids out of sight and then automatically lower into the correct position when the system is turned 'ON'. Other AV equipment such as amplifiers, video players, video conferencing equipment and resident PC's can all be housed in discreet cabinets that are available in a variety of wooden or metal finishes to suit any existing decor.

Easy to Control

Doing away with several different remote controls, we can specify 'control systems' that will allow you to easily control all the elements of your AV system via a simple to use colour touchscreen control panel. These touch screen controls can be wall mounted or wireless and be used to control a variety of AV equipment including lighting, blinds & HVAC systems.

Service and Maintenance

We supply all our AV systems with the option of Preventative Maintenance contracts. These contracts can be tailor-made to suit your needs and typically involve several visits per year to clean and service the equipment, unlimited telephone support and guaranteed response times in person should you ever experience any more serious problems.

Budgetary Equipment Costs:

A boardroom with a large electric recessed ceiling mounted projection screen, high resolution ceiling mounted projector, 6 ceiling mounted speakers, amplifier, DVD player, table mounted PC input point, wireless microphone kit and a wireless touch screen control system: prices from approx. £8,500 + VAT

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