"WOW factor, something unique & something special!"

...deploy the latest AV technologies for your promotional campaign

Experiential marketing campaigns give customers the opportunity to interact and be involved with a new product or service offering. We can help you to deliver exciting & memorable results by providing the very latest in audio, video and interactive technologies that can be tailored specifically to your ideas.

Whether it’s a promotional stand in an airport or station, an interactive shop window or something completely unique, we enjoy the chance to showcase the latest AV technologies & build something interesting so please contact us today to see how we can help. 

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Interactive displays with custom content

We supply & install not only interactive touchscreens but can also provide our clients with entirely bespoke multi-touch software applications & content that can be designed around your clients products and the desired user experience that you are looking to achieve.

New promotional content can be combined with live RSS data feeds from client websites or social media accounts such as Twitter & Facebook that can help to better engage users, bring together several live sites at once & generally improve the awareness of a temporary marketing campaign.

iPad & Tablet floor stands:

iPads are well recognised and offer end users intuitive navigation & ease of control. We can supply iPads (or any other types of tablet) with custom made floor stands or wall mount systems that are suitable for use in all retail environments and will provide both the hardware & the interactive content that will give users a fun & memorable experience.  Just send over your design ideas & we will turn these into practical systems for you!

Glass Projection & Steel Support Structures

Interactive glass projection screens can be combined with custom made steel support structures to create unique displays. We’re able to integrate various projection screen technologies with almost any kind of support structure imaginable & can create modular systems that are easy to scale up or down in size to suit the space you are working with.  

Switchable Screens (Intelligent Glass)

This type of screen can change its appearance from being clear to being frosted when an electrical current is applied. The switchable screens are available as a plastic film that can be applied to existing glass or embedded into new glazing panels. When in the frosted state it is most commonly used as privacy glass or a projection screen but can be also cut into different shapes & sizes to form eye catching visual displays that can be deployed simultaneously in multiple sites without the need for specialist installation.

Glass Projection Cubes

The idea of life size projection cubes has been discussed by many companies but we were the first to bring this concept to life when we developed a fully interactive display cube for Delta Airlines.

We combined specialist ‘switchable glass’ projection screens with custom made projection systems that incorporated the latest control system technologies to create a unique marketing experience that allowed customers to view product information on all four sides whist still being able to look inside the cube itself to view a physical product & person.

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