"Maintain, repair & replace; as quickly as possible!"

...reduce system downtime with a comprehensive AV Support contract

Protect your investment in your new or existing AV system with a professional AV support contract that guarantees response times in person & is tailored specifically around your needs. 

We’re already on hand for companies all over the country and would welcome the opportunity to provide an AV support contract for your business. Whether you need an emergency call out now or a quote for a one, two or three year maintenance contract for the future, please call us today to see how we can help.

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Preventative Maintenance

An ‘AV system’ combines various individual pieces of AV equipment into one unique system and although the user interface is designed to be as simple as possible the component parts are often complicated and regardless of the equipment manufacturer nothing is guaranteed for life & can fail at any time. Of course when something does go wrong it’s usually when you need it the most!

Under an AV support contract we try to reduce unexpected equipment failures by periodically servicing, cleaning & testing all your equipment to ensure that everything is in operating correctly & will last as long as possible. With modern control systems we can also remotely monitor most equipment & keep eye on things like operating temperatures and get automatic notifications directly from the system if anything starts to fail or misbehave.

Emergency call outs

When something goes wrong we want to get you up & running again as quickly as humanly possible. We offer our clients unlimited telephone support for immediate first line support queries and can guarantee onsite response times in person ranging from 2, 4 & 8 hours through to ‘next working day’. We understand that some AV systems are mission critical or in client facing retail environments that simply have to be working all the time and will tailor our response times accordingly.  

If you would like to discuss a new AV support contract for your business or are experiencing problems with any of your existing AV equipment, whether we supplied it or not, then please call us today & we will do our best to help you.  

Replacement equipment

When a piece of AV equipment fails it can often be time consuming to arrange a replacement or repair. Manufacturer warranties vary greatly, the better ones will typically offer ‘3 years onsite’ whereas most will be 1-3 years ‘Return to base’ (RTB). An ‘RTB’ warranty is better than nothing but in reality this means you will have to uninstall the equipment yourself and arrange for it to be sent back to the manufacturer and then wait for a repair or replacement, with no guarantees about how long this will take or when your system will be working again!

Under an Aprios AV support contract we can carry equipment spares specifically for your system so if anything does fail we can leave you with a temporary fix so your system still works and then we will return any faulty equipment to the manufacturers on your behalf & then once its repaired we will return to site and re-install it for you.

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