"Hassle Free Meetings"

...With Reliable, Simple Presentation Systems

Most meeting rooms are generally used by a variety of people and as such your AV system must be very practical and easy to use.

We supply audio visual presentation systems for meeting rooms, training rooms, conference rooms, break out areas and more. Our meeting room AV systems will be designed to suit both your specific user requirements and budget so please contact us to discuss the various options available.

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Display Options

Depending on the size of the meeting room and the expected audience size, a wall mounted flat screen display will usually be used to show your PC & Video content. If flexibility is important then flat screens can be mounted on movable trolleys allowing them to be conveniently positioned anywhere in the room or moved to other locations if necessary.

Audio and Microphone options

Often for smaller meeting or training rooms, where wall mounted flat screens are being used, the standard speakers that come with these types of screens will offer sufficient audio quality. However if the room is slightly larger in size then ceiling or wall mounted speakers can be specified to ensure audio clarity. If microphones are needed then there is a choice of either wireless lapel or handheld types through to more permanent desk or ceiling mounted varieties.

Simple connectivity

It must be easy for all users to be able to connect their laptops & other mobile devices into the meeting room system. This is achieved by offering easily accessible floor or desk top mounted input points that link directly to the display and audio system. Alternatively we can supply wireless equipment that will allow multiple users to connect simultaneously without having cables everywhere.

Easily manage meeting rooms

With meeting room booking systems it’s possible for anyone in your organisation to see who is using what meeting room, when and where and then book accordingly direct from their own PC.

Partitioned meeting rooms

If you have a space where several smaller meeting rooms can be opened up to form one large meeting room then we have the appropriate AV systems to help maximise use in all scenarios. Simply by moving the partition walls into place we can programme the entire AV system to automatically configure itself accordingly to the new layout.

Service and Maintenance

We offer Service & Maintenance support contracts based around your specific requirements that will help you get the maximum use out of your equipment and reduce the risk of any downtime if something goes wrong. If you do experience any problems then we offer unlimited telephone support with guaranteed next day response times in person. Additionally, we also offer an emergency call out service for any company in the UK, with or without a support contract in place, so please call us on 0844 800 3088 if you need help now!

Budgetary Equipment Costs

1) Smaller meeting rooms with a wall mounted professional 60” flat screen, Blu-ray player and a wall mounted PC input point with VGA & HDMI connections: prices from £2,250 + VAT

2) Medium to large sized meeting room with an electric projection screen, ceiling mounted projector, 6 ceiling mounted speakers, amplifier, DVD player and two PC & video input points: prices from £4,500 + VAT

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