"Effective Training Rooms"

...with live streaming, recording and presentation systems

Professional training rooms provide unique teaching and evaluation opportunities for various users. Whether it’s a training room for HR, a marketing focus group or a professional training provider, we will ensure each training room provides the correct level of functionality to meet your requirements.   

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Multiple room configurations

To ensure the best use of available space it’s common for several smaller rooms to be opened out into one large presentation area. Using the latest control system technologies we can automatically configure rooms for various users whether it’s an internal meeting, interview or client visit. ‘Virtual’ partitions make it easy for users to switch between different scenarios and each format will be specifically programmed to your requirements.   

Watch, listen, record & control

Whether it’s an interview, focus group or presentation we can equip meeting rooms with professional grade PTZ cameras & various types of microphones that can be integrated with AV control systems to allow multiple rooms to be monitored & controlled from one location. Whether it’s from a neighbouring room or a different building, we can provide the necessary systems to access live audio & video feeds as well as automatically record training sessions direct to your own secure servers for future playback, all in ‘Full HD’, without having to burn any DVD’s etc.

Allow remote users to watch live events

With the latest digital capture systems you can not only record & monitor training sessions but also allow remote users to view live meetings through your website. Whether it’s a remote colleague or a prospective client we can provide all the necessary equipment for you to build a professional training archive that is easy to use & simple to integrate with your existing online systems.

Every client we work with is unique with different buildings, different users and different training requirements. Whatever the scenario we have the expertise to bring together all the individual pieces of AV hardware that you might need & integrate them into one bespoke system that will work for you. Please contact us today to discuss your training rooms in more detail.          

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