“Engage, Educate & Entertain Your Customers!”

With High Quality Digital Animation & Video Content

Enhance your investment in the latest Audio Visual technologies with professional video content specific to your companies marketing message. We not only supply the latest Audio Visual Hardware but also offer content creation & Content Management Systems that will bring out the best in your marketing message.

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Digital Video Content:

We employ a range of design & animation techniques that will bring things like your company logo or products to life! Literally anything is possible and the services we provide include 3D Animation creation, 3D Modelling, Lighting and Surface effects, Flash Animation, Post production video effects & Digital illustration.

If you want to create striking video content that really wows your audience then with 3D animation there really are no limits so please contact us to see what we can do for you.

Audio & Video Production:

This is an industry in itself but we offer a range of services that can help if you need to create some custom video content to promote your product or service. We offer HD filming, time lapse photography, TV production (documentary style), promotional videos, Audio recording as well as complete Audio & Video editing services.

For example, if you have an event that you would like filmed & edited so it can be used as your next promotional video or remote learning tool then we can help. If you have some existing video that you need to make some changes to or if you want us to come and record a guest speaker or presentation in order to create a video for your website then we can help.

Custom Interactive Software:

Touchscreens are great but unless you have specific interactive content to show on them they will not perform as expected. We have developed entire touchscreen control user interfaces & software programmes from scratch that show off our clients products in a truly unique way whilst making the most of touch screen control features such as ‘multi-touch’ etc.

If you have products that you need to showcase but are unsure about the technology that you will need to bring it all to life then please get in touch & we will create something truly unique for you.

Content Management Systems:

Once we have created your unique content we can supply a range of Content Management Systems that will allow you to create picture and video playback schedules, update your content remotely & manage what message is shown, either on a single screen or multiple screens spread across different locations, all from one centralised place.

Options range from simple media players which will allow you to store your content on standard SD memory cards and then playback on a continuous loop, through to purpose built systems that will provide you with a range of custom templates that you can then update and change as necessary.

We also offer clients a fully managed service whereby we can look after of your content and playback schedules and generally do everything for you!  

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