"Stand Out from the Crowd, Save Money & Increase Sales!"

...With a Professional Digital Signage System

Eye catching content displayed on video screens is more successful at converting 'foot fall' into actual sales than traditional static advertising.

We have the necessary experience to design and supply the most appropriate 'Digital Signage' system for your particular products & services so please contact us to discuss your specific requirements in more detail.

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What is a ‘Digital Signage’ System?

A digital sign is typically just a standard video display screen that shows your specific marketing message. The digital display could be anything from a large Video Wall & Projection screen through to individual flat screens (Plasma, LCD & LED) or even tablet type displays such as an iPad etc. Several display screens can be used together to create one digital display network. This network of screens could be all in the same location, such as a shopping centre, reception area or individual retail store, or be spread over a much wider area like a nationwide chain of restaurants or even a global chain of restaurants, such as the digital menu boards that are being used in some big fast food chains nowadays.

‘Content’ refers to the actual pictures and videos that are shown on the display screens & the equipment that manages what message is show over the entire network of screens is called a ‘Content Management System’, also known as a ‘CMS’.

The content itself and the type of Content Management System that is used is the most important part of any digital signage network.

So, Digital display screens + Content Management System + Content + Installation + Maintenance = A complete Digital Signage System.

Every step along way requires careful consideration to maximise your investment & ultimately the success of your Digital Signage system to ensure that your customers are viewing the right information at the right time. We have experience in building complete Digital Signage systems and can provide everything that is required at each stage of the process, including content, so please contact us to see how we can help you.

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Attention Grabbing Visuals

‘Video like’ content that is specific to your business will create high impact marketing messages that are more likely to be noticed and acted upon than traditional forms of static advertising.

We can create custom layouts and even show your marketing message simultaneously alongside other content sources such as TV channels, RSS data feeds and social networking websites like Twitter etc.

Easy to Change & Cost Effective

It’s important to keep your content fresh & up to date. A 'digital signage' based network, whether in-store or across several remote sites, will allow you to update content at the touch of a button & thus eliminate the costs associated with traditional print & distribution. Many Content Management Systems offer access via the internet so you can update your content remotely from almost anywhere in the world.

Targeted messages to increase your chances of success

We can build picture and video playlists that will allow you to schedule your marketing messages to suit the typical demographic of your footfall at certain times of the day. Playlists can be precisely controlled and scheduled days, weeks or even months in advance if need be and easily updated when necessary.

Interact with your Target Audience

In addition to pictures & videos, content can also be interactive and allow your customers to interact with your products or services via touch screens. You can allow buyers to see your products, view your website, leave their personal details or even place an immediate order.

We build custom touch screen control user interfaces for some of the UK’s leading companies so please call us to find out what we can do for your business.


By using a web based Content Management System you can control your entire network of display screens, either individually or as groups from one centralised website. You can easily add in more display screens to new locations both locally or globally and continue to manage everything from the same website. Web based systems are reliable as well because once your content has been updated and is playing on site if the local network goes down the content will continue to play! This type of CMS also allows us to offer remote support & maintenance so we can help you whenever you need it.    

Budgetary Equipment Costs:

Excluding display screens, which can vary in terms of size and cost, a typical ‘Content Management System’ will start from approx.  £4,800 + VAT and will include onsite hardware, remote software licenses, installation, training & maintenance.  All you need in addition to this is the actual content to show on your screens and the screens themselves, all of which we can supply for you.

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