"There’s more to a digital signage system than a 60” flat screen!"

...Showcase your marketing message with a unique display enclosure

Traditional digital display screens are only the beginning and with a never ending supply of stylish & functional touchscreens, iPads & tablet like displays coming into the market place there are even more ways to communicate with your customers.

We supply complete custom made enclosures including all the necessary hardware, software, content and integration services to provide a completely unique marketing tool for your business so please contact us to discuss your ideas in more detail, this is our speciality!

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iPad & Tablet floor stands:

iPads are well recognised and offer end users intuitive navigation & ease of control. We can combine iPads, or any other types of ‘tablet’, with a custom made enclosure suitable for use in a retail environment and most importantly provide the necessary content management system & interactive marketing information tailored specifically to your business.

Tablet enclosures can be manufactured to suit your branding & specific retail environment and include various features such as height adjustment, tilt, rotation & anti-theft measures as well as internal power & network distribution.  

We have supplied complete iPad display systems for Mini & BMW in the UK. These include custom made Single iPad Floor stands, Twin iPad floor stands & wall mounted iPad enclosures.

We have the experience to be able to deliver complete tablet based digital signage systems for our clients. Our systems will include everything that is required, from the tablets themselves through to custom made enclosures, hardwired & wireless networks & a fully integrated Content Management System, with actual content, installation and maintenance.

We will provide you with a complete system that offers a targeted form of communication to your customers that is both intuitive to use and can be easily updated when necessary so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Glass Projection & Steel Support Structures

Interactive glass projection screens can be combined with custom made steel support structures to create unique  Point of Sale (POS) displays that offer a practical way for customers to place orders while in-store that also looks amazing!

We developed & supplied a series of Single, Double & Triple glass projection display systems for Republic Clothing that could be deployed into different sized retail stores whilst maintaining continuity in design.  This modular approach allowed for a quick roll out and could be combined with existing interactive POS software.

We’re able to integrate various display technologies into almost any kind of housing imaginable and can build custom made structures around your ideas.  

Glass Projection Cubes

The idea of 360º life size projection cubes has been discussed by many companies but we were the first to bring this concept to life when we developed a fully interactive display cube for Delta Airlines.

We combined specialist ‘switchable glass’ projection screens with custom made projection systems that incorporated the latest control system technologies to create a unique marketing experience that allowed customers to view product information on all four sides whist still being able to look inside the cube itself to view a physical product & person.

We specialise in building completely unique display systems that combine the latest AV technologies with custom made support structures to offer our clients unique and ever changing marketing opportunities.

Kiosks & Totems

Kiosks allow for interactive display systems to be combined with payment systems such as ‘Chip & Pin’, keyboard navigation for client facing websites and print functions for applications such as ticket collection.

The technologies found within Kiosks are modular and can be combined to suit your requirements as necessary. Kiosks can incorporate various screen sizes & be made in different shapes and sizes and branded specifically to your company.

Totem type structures offer double sided display systems that are suitable for both indoor & outdoor use. These types of enclosures are weather proof, vandal proof and are supplied with high brightness screens that work in sunlight that can also be interactive.

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