“Enjoy a Cinematic Experience from the Comfort of Home"

...With your own private home cinema room

If you want to create your own personal home cinema room then we can bring those dreams to life. With a dedicated Home Cinema room your family & friends can experience the latest block buster movie on the big screen with amazing surround sound all from the comfort of your own home (or several large reclining chairs to be precise!)

A dedicated Home cinema room really does allow you to indulge your AV dreams and immerse yourself in whatever you're watching so please contact us to find out more.

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Large display screens

Every home cinema rooms needs a large display screen to bring the action to life. Flat screens (Plasma, LCD and LED) only go so far and are quite expensive at their maximum size so if you want great image quality on a really large screen then projection is the logical way to go. There are various types of projectors and projection screens to choose from depending on the size of your room and layout; recessed electric screens & projectors will sit flush with the ceiling and disappear out of sight or alternatively there are large fixed position screens available with choice of designer frames & finishes.

Imagine relaxing in your favourite chair and with a single touch of a button the projector turns on, the screen lowers into position, the blinds close, the lights dim and your favourite movie automatically starts playing!

Perfect Surround Sound

With a dedicated Home cinema room & surround sound system you can truly immerse yourself in your favourite movie & really bring the action to life. With 5.1 or 7.1 surround you can hear the faintest murmur or feel the bass rumble through your whole body with complete clarity. Whatever movies you like to watch we can supply a Home Cinema experience that will bring your films to life and make you forget you are actually at home!

The Best Seat in the House

To really enjoy a movie you need to be comfortable. We supply quality cinema seating direct from the manufacturer and can offer a complete range of styles, colours and sizes to match your home cinema room. Some of the special design features include steel frames for maximum comfort and durability, adjustable headrests, telescopic footrests, infinite reclining positions, motorised recliners, choice of luxurious leather or fabric finishes, cup holders and more with literally hundreds of configuration possibilities so you can arrange your seating exactly the way you like it.

Simple to Control

As with any of our AV systems, all the equipment in your Home Cinema room will be able to be controlled from a single wireless touch screen control panel. You can select your movie, control the volume, dim the lights, adjust the heating and control the blinds all at the touch of a button, all you have to do is get comfortable! Oh, and if someone rings your doorbell while you're watching a movie then you will know straight away because the audio will be gently muted and the video footage from your security cameras will be displayed on screen.

We will design and install the perfect Home Cinema room for your home so please call us to discuss all the options that are available.

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