"Enjoy Music & Movies Anywhere in Your Home!"

...With a Simple & Affordable Multi-room Audio & Video Distribution System

When we're at home we all want to relax, unwind and enjoy our spare time as much as possible and the latest Residential Multi-room AV systems will help you do just that! We supply various systems that are suitable for large or small homes and work with leading brands such as Crestron, Sonus & Opus so please contact us today to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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'Multi-Room' Audio & Video Systems

Multi-Room AV systems simply mean that your Audio & Video sources (Radio, CD's, iPod / MP3s, DVD, Blu-ray, Satellite, Freeview etc.) can be controlled, listened to, or watched from any room in your house without having separate systems in each room. All of the AV source equipment is usually positioned centrally in one area of your house (typically in an equipment cabinet under the stairs) and the Multi-Room system then allows all the Audio and Video signals from this equipment to be distributed and controlled throughout the home.

Listen to music in any room

Instead of having separate music systems such as CD players, iPod docks & DAB radio tuners in each room, our 'Multi room' systems remove all of the clutter & allow you to store your music digitally in one place and then listen to this music in any room you wish simply by pressing a button on an easy to use 'touch screen' control panel or tablet such as an iPad or even your smart phone.

The latest multi-room systems mean it’s possible to use either ceiling mounted speakers or for retro fit installations where it’s not possible to install speaker cabling we can specify desktop type speakers that work wirelessly over a reliable proprietary Wi-Fi network.

It’s possible to access iTunes libraries, individual iPods & digital radio stations etc. all from one wireless control panel. You can view album information on what you are listening to, set volume levels for each room & link several rooms together when you’re having a party. Each room can also listen to different music at the same time, completely independently of each other.

Watch video in any room!

Not only can you listen to your music in any room but you can also watch your favourite movies in any room as well. Nowadays there are various video sources to choose from ranging from Satellite & IPTV boxes, DVD & Blu-ray players, Apple TV, Smart TV’s and a wide range of internet video subscription services accessible via PC’s, game consoles and tablets.

No matter what type of device you use to access your preferred TV shows and movies we can specify a suitable video distribution system & cabling infrastructure that will allow you to watch everything from any room in your house with the minimum amount of fuss & remote controls!

Easily add your own equipment

Multi room systems typically allow your music and video to be distributed around the home from a central area but you will also want to be able to use equipment locally in each room without having unsightly cables hanging down from your wall mounted flat screen TV. Whether it’s a PC, games console or a secondary Sky box we design our systems so you can just plug your equipment directly into a dedicated connection plate that can be installed at low level, inside a cabinet or behind a shelf & keep everything neat & tidy.  

Climate Control, Lighting, Blinds and CCTV

As well as controlling the music and video throughout your home it's also possible for you to dim the lights, close the curtains, turn up the heating and check your CCTV cameras all from the same touch screen control panel.

We work with property developers, interior designers and home owners to design and install custom 'multi-room Audio & Video distribution systems’ that make entertainment easier. Please call us today to discuss your ideas in more detail and we will talk you through the various options that are available.

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