"Give Your Buyers What They Want!"

...With a Professional Audio Visual System in Their New Home

A new build is the perfect time to include an Audio Visual system in the design of a new home. We can create a variety of Audio Visual Packages to suit your specific development ranging from basic wiring only options through to complete multi-room Audio Visual systems and automated control options for lighting, blinds, security cameras and more.

We will design & supply audio visual systems that suit your specific development and target market and we also offer great incentives for developers who want include quality AV systems as standard in all of their new homes so please contact us to discuss what would be suitable for your latest development.

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The Right Way:

Home entertainment technologies represent a fast growing market in the UK and new technologies have changed the way people access & enjoy digital entertainment forever.

The 'next generation' of home owners understand & enjoy their technology and wish to make the most of it when they are at home. These buyers want to be able to lay the foundations for their 'Multi-Room' Audio Visual & 'Home Automation' systems from day one and not waste time and money on an expensive retrospective installation at a later date purely because their needs were ignored today.

The easy option is perceived as getting an electrician to run some network cables in whilst they wire for power and then leave it up to your buyers to sort themselves out a later date but it is the wrong approach to take and simply not good enough for today's modern technologies.

Professional AV systems require planning and a considered cabling infrastructure that should only be undertaken by an AV specialist. By offering your buyers a quality AV system as part of their new home you are not only catering for their specific needs but also demonstrating that you understand the latest technical requirements of the modern day home.

In addition to providing a new revenue stream, the AV systems we supply will enhance both your development and give your buyers what they want so please contact us today to find out more.

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'Multi-Room' Audio & Video Distribution Systems

Multi-Room AV systems simply mean that your Audio & Video sources (Radio, CD's, iPod / MP3s, DVD, Blu-ray, Satellite, Freeview etc.) can be controlled, listened to, or watched from any room in your house without having separate systems in each room. All of the AV source equipment is usually positioned centrally in one area of your house (typically in an equipment cabinet under the stairs) and the Multi-Room system then allows all the Audio and Video signals from this equipment to be distributed and controlled throughout the home.

Lighting, Blinds, Climate control and CCTV

As well as controlling the music and video throughout the home it is also possible for a home owner to control their lights, blinds, heating and security cameras all from the same system.

Home Cinema

Some larger properties may suit a dedicated home cinema room whereas others will just need a decent TV & 5.1 surround sound system in the living room area. Over the years we have supplied & installed all different types of home cinema systems and can supply everything that is needed to ensure your buyers experience something a little special when they watch a movie!  

AV systems that suit your development

We understand that all developments and properties are unique and as such not every home will suit the addition of a 'Multi-Room' AV system. A lot will depend of the value of an individual home and your target market so we will work with you to decide what will be the most suitable for your particular development.

Experienced Supply & Installation

From planning for first fix all the way through to the final stage installation, we are flexible enough to work with other trades and experienced enough to know how our work will affect your site and also what impact it will have on your overall build time. We have the necessary experience to work effectively throughout all stages of the build so please call us to discuss the ideas for your development in more detail.

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